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Are you looking for a job? Then Jazz Job Alerts is at your service. Stay up to date with local and international jobs.

Job Alert Method

SMS Commands

  • Action Send Command to 5622
  • To receive Matric job alerts MAT
  • To receive Graduate job alerts GRAD
  • To receive Women job alerts WOM
  • To receive training alerts TA
  • Career Match Quiz CM
  • Salary Info Quiz SI
  • Enable Career Tips ON
  • Disable Career Tips OFF
  • Keywords List HELP
  • Profile Buildup
  • The system will send the following messages seeking your input for profile buildup
  • A) Reply with 1-8 to choose the job category:


    Sales & Marketing



    HR & Admin




    B) Please Select Your City:






    We recommend that you select all the cities to increase your chances of finding the right job for yourself.

    Salary Information

    Salary Information will provide you a salary range according to your qualification and experience in the industry of your choice.

    Send ‘SI’ to 5622.

    According to your inputs, you will receive a salary range which will be in PKR & USD for Pakistani & International markets respectively.

    Career Match

    Based on your aptitude, job preferences, and goals this feature will find the best career for you.

    Send ‘CM’ to 5622.

    You will receive the best career match based on choices entered in the above step.

    Career Portal

    Career Poll will allow you to participate in a poll and view public votes afterward.

    Send ‘CP’ to 5622.

    You will receive relevant poll questions with multiple options.

    Respond to the poll questions with the option of your choice.