Jazz eSIM

Switch to the future with eSIM!

Jazz eSIM - Switch to the future with eSIM

Jazz is the largest Telecom Company in Pakistan. Jazz has been working in Pakistan since 1999. Jazz Always facilitates its customers with all advanced services. Now Jazz launched a new service called Jazz Esim. In this post, I will provide all information about Jazz ESim.

What is Jazz eSIM

Jazz introduces an eSIM service. Now you do not need any physical SIM card. With eSIM you can use all sim card services without having to insert a physical SIM. With eSIM, you can digitally use Unlimited phone numbers without any physical sim card. 

Jazz Esim

ESIM Handsets

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 XS
  • iPhone 11 XR
  • iPhone 11 XS Max
  • Dual-SIM phones
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro

You can activate Esim with the below-mentioned Mobiles. So let's Go and active your Jazz Esim.

How to whitelist Your Mobile for Jazz esim

If you want to use Jazz esim service then check if your mobile is whitelisted for esim or not. if not then send a whitelisting request to PTA. Here I will tell you how to check that you can use esim service or not.

  1. Dial ##06# from your mobile.
  2. You will see your mobile IMEI number on the mobile screen.
  3. Note you imIMEI and send to 8484.
  4. You can also send an email to typeapproval@pta.gov.pk.
  5. with both methods, your mobile will whitelist for Esim

Jazz Esim Registration Process

  • Go to Jazz Franchise or sales and service center for Jazz eSim Activation.
  • The franchise will process your order.
  • The franchise will provide you a QR code on a voucher.
  • At this time jazz offers a free eSIM Activation
  • Scan the QR code in your iPhone’s setting
  • After limited time Jazz will get Esim charges.
  • How to active Jazz eSIM

    • The screen on your Phone.
    • Switch on your mobile Wi-Fi.
    • If you have a Data package then turn on your Sim Data.
    • Go to Settings
    • Go to Cellular
    • Click at Add Cellular Plan
    • Your Mobile camera will open automatically
    • Use your phone camera.
    • scan Jazz eSIM QR code provided by Jazz Offer

    Mobile change Jazz Esim Process.

    without Biometric verification you can not use the Jazz eSIM service. If you change your mobile you will go to Franchise and all processes will be renewed as new eSIM service activation.

    Which carriers support it in Pakistan?

    At this time only jazz is providing eSIM service in Pakistan. Other Telecom companies are working on eSim Project.

    How is the eSIM different from the physical SIM?

    The eSIM can save multiple phone numbers which you can add, delete, and configure right from your iPhone’s settings.

    How many eSIM can add to a mobile account?

    You can add multiple eSIM accounts to your mobile

    Can I delete eSIM from Mobile?

    You can add or remove your eSIM at any time.

    Where can I subscribe to eSIM?

    You need to go to any nearest Franchise or sales and service center for eSIM activation.

    Can I use physical and eSIM together?

    NO. After eSIM activation, your Physical sim will block or deactivate.

    What do I need to do if I lose my QR Code?

    Go to any nearest Franchise or sales and service center and get a new QR Code.