Jazz brings to you exclusive International call Packages. Now you can call in UK, CANADA, and the USA at cheap rates. Before dialing the number add 456 before the number. When you add 456 before the number you will get the cheapest rates on every call. The below code will work for UK, CANADA, and the USA. Jazz call rates to the UK, USA, and Canada.

Jazz 456 OFFER

Subscription Fee No Subscription Charges
Dial 456 before number
Validity Lifetime
Rates Rs.5.98/15Min

Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer will work on UK Landline Numbers.
  2. Dial the 456 code before dialing the number.
  3. This offer is not applicable to premium numbers of the USA and Canada.
  4. 456 offer and no subscription fees.
  5. 456 Offer has not daily charges.
  6. New rates will be valid 24 hours a day.
  7. Jazz Customer can activate this offer in any packages
  8. Offer is subject to change anytime
  9. Call set up fee is applicable
  10. All Package are updated.