Jazz Bema Services Launch | Accidental Insurance | 2021

Jazz Introduce its Valued Service Jazz Bima service. A startling hardship may hit anybody whenever, secure your family's future by getting a Jazz BIMA plan today! BIMA is an Accidental Insurance Product pointed toward furnishing you or your family with money related security. It's Hassle-Free and It's Paper Free

Jazz Bema Services

How to Subscribe Jazz Bima Service

Call 9878 and an agent will help you subscribe to the service OR SMS “BIMA” to 9878 and an agent will *call you to guide and help subscribe to the service

How do I Claim Jazz Bima

SMS ‘CLAIM’ to 9878 or call 9878 within 90 days of the accident and a MILVIK representative will contact you with full information on how to process your claim.


means a sudden, unexpected, unusual, specific event, which occurs at an identifiable time and place.


means the individual who applies for an Accident Protection Plan under this Policy.