Jazz 4G WIFI Device For Internet

Jazz Introduce 4G Device for internet services. You Can use Jazz Wifi for speedy internet. Jazz Wingle Device is a Plug and Play Device. Jazz also Brings its Data sims Packages. Jazz Data Bundles are also affordable. You can use Jazz Wingle at any place. It has a 150 Mbps Speed. Jazz Also Launch its Jazz WIFI Admin App. You can check the remaining Mb's with this App and Control your internet access. You Can also Order for Free Home delivery. Jazz Wingle Device has 1 Year warranty.

Jazz 4G WIFI Device

Wingle Packages

Jazz Wingle Specifications

  • Long Range Wifi Wingle
  • Admin App
  • Jazz 4G Wingle Speed is Up to 150 Mbps
  • Long Range WIFI Device
  • Warranty
  • Dial *5299# for Free Home Delivery
  • Jazz Wingle Device is Plug and Play No installation required for using it
  • It is a WPS Wifi
  • Jazz Wingle Device support up 32 GB Memory Card

Jazz Wingle Device Quick Guide

Here you can see all Jazz WIFI Wingle device Quick Guide.

Know your Jazz WIFI Device

Remember or write down the SSID and Password mentioned in the battery compartment before inserting the battery and replacing the back cover you will need to set up your device.

Insert Sim Card and SD Card

Open the back cover and locate the SIM and SD Card slots. Slide the SIM and SD Card trays downwards to life the trays. Then insert the SIM and SD Card and slide the tray.

Turn On your MiFi Device

The setup is complete. Now you can turn On your device pressing the power button and connect your device to the wireless network by using the SSID and password you noted down in Step 1.

Jazz Wingle WIFI Push setup

Simply press the WPS key for 3 seconds and then press the WPS button on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Resetting the Jazz Wingle Device

To reset the device, insert a small pin (such as a straightened paper-clip) into the Reset Button for 1 second.

Jazz Wingle Device Indicator

Jazz Wingle device has Signal indicators.
Jazz Dongle Device Indicator
  • Red Light is for No Network
  • Yellow light is for 2G Network
  • Green Light is for 3G Network
  • Blue light is for 4G Network