Subscribe Jazz My Email Service 2021

Jazz introduces My Email service, Jazz customers can now check their emails on any handset without an Internet connection.

Jazz My Email

My Email Service with Jazz

How To Subscribe Jazz Email Service?
Dial *743#
How To Unsubscribe Jazz Email Service?
Dial *743#
My Email Charges
Charges Rs. 2.99

Forward incoming calls to your voice mail.


Call Forwarding allows you to divert incoming calls to your Voice Mail or another JAZZ GSM number, when your number is busy, unreachable or you don’t want to be disturbed. These basic but essential services are provided to all JAZZ GSM customers free of charge and are automatically activated with your connection (except for Call Forwarding on which nominal call charges apply as per your package plan).

  1. Compose emails
  2. Forward and reply to emails
  3. Access inbox
  4. Access emails from Gmail, Hotmail/MSN, and Yahoo accounts
  5. Create a Mobilink Email account with the MSISDN as the account title for example
  6. Email validity in my email is 30 days; once mentioned time has
  7. the elapsed system will automatically remove old emails from the Inbox.
  8. Only one email account can be configured against one MSISDN. Users have the option to change the email address from the setup menu.
  9. Accounts available: Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, and Yahoo.
  10. New or composed emails are limited to 179 characters.
  11. No character limit for incoming emails.
  12. Images cannot be displayed. Only regular text emails will display properly.
  13. This service is available for Prepaid users only.
Q2. How do I write an email?
You can compose emails by selecting the COMPOSE option.
Q3. How do I read an email?
You can read emails by selecting the INBOX option and choosing any email to read.
Q4. How do I delete an email?
You can delete emails by selecting the DELETE option when you are reading any email.
Q5. How do I forward an email?
You can forward emails by selecting the FORWARD option when you are reading any email.
Q6. How do I reply to an email?
You can reply to emails by selecting the REPLY option when you are reading any email.
Q7. How do I unsubscribe from my email service?
You can unsubscribe from the service through the *743# setup menu.